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Mechanized AI drives business value across your entire organization with a no-code AI Platform - expediting your journey from ideation to business outcomes

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Mechanized AI's plug and play solution tethers to your existing infrastructure without requiring rearchitecting

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Go from an AI idea to business value without wasting time or money

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Mechanized Insights

Our insights module helps you find your biggest AI opportunities and create a plan to implement them with:

  • Automated AI Maturity Assessments
  • Automated Engagement Scoping Assessment
  • Business Case Definition Helper
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Mechanized DataLab

Stop Letting Data Block Your AI Efforts:

  • Prepare your data for ML and Gen AI by ingesting disparate data into a single platform for normalization.
  • Explore and Visualize the data using our Automated Big Data Dashboards.
  • Integrated Data Lakehouse with Data Privacy, Data Catalogs, and Access Control.
  • Cost Optimization with Data Monitoring & Validation all under a single pane of glass.
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Mechanized ML Studio

Rapidly deploy ML into production and accelerate time to value:

  • Bring or Build your own model with a simple to use interface.
  • Build any Production ML with any level of expertise with our end to end guardrails.
  • Integrate with any AI library and Automate your ML Deployment (MLOPS) pipelines.
  • ML Experimentation using best-in-class ML Models and training capabilities.
  • “Single Click” deployment of ML Models to production with full security, MLOPS pipelines, and cost/latency optimization.
  • Optimized cloud infrastructure out of the box with auto-scaling CPU's & GPU's.
  • Ongoing ML monitoring and management to resolve drift and decay.
  • Built-in Responsible & Explainable AI.
Mechanized GEN AI Studio image

Mechanized GEN AI Studio

The cheat code for leveraging GenAI in the enterprise:

  • Leverage Generative AI without complex coding or technical expertise.
  • Democratize GenAI, making it accessible to everyone, from beginners to seasoned professionals.
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface that enables users to design, train, & deploy GenAI models.
  • Deploy GenAI models, in your own cloud environment, with a few clicks.
  • Select any commercial or Open Source LLM and fine tune them against your own data.
  • Automated deployment options for Cloud Devops & LLMOps.
  • Immediately improve GenAI response quality with our proprietary Hallucination Reduction methods.
  • De-risk GenAI deployments with Automated LLM Security.


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Peach State
Nerd Rabbit
Peach State


Mechanized AI Lifecycle

Free up your valuable time from managing infrastructure, cost optimization, and non-data science tasks - empowering you to concentrate on cleaning data and refining AI models to drive business value

Create image


Migrate & Clean Data immediately and Initiate model development.

Evaluate image


Continuously evaluate the quality of your models pre-production.

Deploy image


Use the no-code, one click deployment option to production.

Monitor image


Once in production, continue to improve performance of your models

Manage image


Centrally manage all your data and models in one place.

Predictive Analytics for Patient Health

Predicts patient health trends, aiding in early intervention and treatment planning.

Image Analysis for Diagnosis

Enhances diagnostic accuracy by analyzing medical images such as X-rays and MRIs.

Diagnosis Assistant

Increases diagnosis speed by working with doctors to channel symptoms into a diagnosis.

Improving Patient Care

AI analyzes patient data, offers treatment recommendations, improving outcomes. Additionally, it monitors patients remotely, alerting healthcare to potential issues.

Drug Discovery and Development

AI analyzes genetic data, identifying new drugs and forecasting efficacy. Generative AI rapidly simulates tests for thousands of drug examples.

Clinical Trials

AI can be used to identify suitable candidates for clinical trials and to predict the outcomes of those trials.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Assesses the environmental impact of chemical production, aiding in sustainable practices.

Yield Optimization

Increases crop yield through efficient use of agrochemicals and better crop management.

Pest and Disease Prediction

Helps in early detection of crop diseases, minimizing damage and optimizing treatment.

Process Automation

Process automation: AI can be used to automate administrative tasks, such as processing applications or responding to citizen inquiries.

Predictive Maintenance

AI can be used to predict when equipment is likely to fail, helping government organizations to proactively maintain their assets.

Public Safety

AI can be used to analyze security camera footage or social media posts to identify potential threats to public safety.

Personalized citizen services

AI personalizes government services, recommending and offering tailored information through chat systems for individual citizens.

Course Design

AI can be used to analyze student data and provide insights into which course materials and teaching methods are most effective.


Grading: AI can be used to grade assignments or exams, freeing up faculty time for other activities.

Student Recruitment

Student recruitment: AI can be used to identify potential candidates for enrollment and personalize outreach efforts.


AI tools enhance data analysis, streamline research processes, and contribute to innovative advancements in academic exploration.

Student Retention

AI can be used to identify students who may be at risk of dropping out and provide targeted support to help them stay on track.

Leading challenges in AI Today

Almost all organizations, big or small, face some or all of the challenges below; Mechanized AI is purpose-built to help you overcome these challenges

Resource Scarcity

AI projects require SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) especially around Data Engineers, ML Engineers, & Production AI Experts - who are hard to come by

High Rate of Failure

Typical AI projects suffer from a high rate of failure… as much as 80% of projects never make it to Production

Disparate Data

Typical AI projects require data from different sources that are in various formats and states of normalization

MVP Focused ML

Most AI projects focus too much time and resources on the MVP and never reach Production

Siloed, Complex Toolsets

Typical home-grown AI projects require a myriad of tools and experts in each of those tools

Infrastructure Management

Most AI projects focus too much time and too many resources on the MVP and never reach Production

Accelerate Value Delivery from AI

Boost development, cut time-to-value.


Trim costs, enhance operations, and eliminate redundancy.

Consumption-Based Pricing

Optimize costs, ensure value.

Competitive Edge & Profits

Leverage AI's edge for advantage.

Accelerate to Production

Implement optimized big data infrastructure out of the box, reducing the lead time for projects.

Automated Infrastructure

Production Data Infrastructure, Pipelines, and Automated Data Exploration & Monitoring out of the box.

Foundational Platform

A robust platform that supports optimized Data Infrastructure & any AI solution - allowing for flexibility and innovation.

Day 1 Best Practices

Implement best practices out of the box, ensuring efficient & expert level Big Data & AI Infrastructure, and Monitoring.

Built-in Guardrails

Built-in best practices enable efficient expert-level development.

Focus on Outcomes, Not Tools

Dive deep into ML without the distractions of tool and infrastructure management.

Automated Infrastructure

All the tech needed to build Production AI - data cleaning, data ingest, storage, exploration, optimized training to MLOPS & Responsible AI, and more - are built in.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline deployment processes, reducing time and resource wastage.

Cheaper Implementation

Cost-optimized DevOps & infrastructure out of the box - ML, MLOPS, data pipelines and data infrastructure.

Day 1 Best Practice Infra & Processes

Ensure deployments adhere to industry best practices from day one.

Deploy in Just 1 Week

Ensure rapid transition from development to production, meeting tight deadlines.


What people say

“Train ML models with synthesized patient data to improve patient outcomes, leverage clinical data to refine accuracy of models, identify patterns with patient medical history, symptoms, & genetic information to prescribe - all within the robust Mechanized AI Platform”.

Healthcare patient records

“Ingest millions of new candidate resumes, normalize and clean the data from various sources, build GenAI models to extract content from candidate resumes, build models to match candidate resumes to jobs/events, and build a pipeline to continuously ingest more data right in production - powered by Mechanized AI”

HR Tech

“With MechanizedAI, businesses can analyze credit card transactions in real-time, payment processors can prevent fraudulent transactions from being completed, protecting both the cardholder and the merchant from losses.”

Credit card fraud detection

“Optimize supply chain operations by analyzing historical data, predicting demand fluctuations, and automating inventory management with Mechanized AI. Improve efficiency and reduce costs across the entire supply chain.”

Supply chain optimization

“Enhance customer experience through personalized recommendations based on user behavior analysis. Mechanized AI enables businesses to understand user preferences and deliver tailor-made content, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Personalized customer recommendations

“Revolutionize agriculture with Mechanized AI by monitoring crop health, predicting yield, and optimizing irrigation schedules. Empower farmers with data-driven insights for better decision-making and increased productivity.”

Agricultural innovation

“Improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact by employing Mechanized AI to analyze power consumption patterns, predict equipment failures, and optimize energy distribution systems.”

Energy consumption optimization

“Transform e-commerce with Mechanized AI by analyzing customer shopping behavior, predicting trends, and optimizing product recommendations. Drive sales and enhance the overall shopping experience for users.”

E-commerce transformation

“In the field of education, Mechanized AI plays a pivotal role in personalized learning. Analyzing student performance data, identifying learning patterns, and adapting teaching methods result in improved educational outcomes.”

Personalized education

Start driving more value with AI today